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About BlockWatch

A connected community is a protected community.

A Connected Community is

A Protected Community

BlockWatch is a visionary organization dedicated to enhancing community well-being through innovative technology. We are committed to situational awareness and crime prevention, making safety our utmost priority. Our mobile app empowers communities to stay vigilant and connected, ensuring a safer, more secure environment. Join us in our mission for a better, safer tomorrow.


How Does It Work?

Suppose you notice a suspicious-looking person with a large bag walking towards a school or a mall.

Now imagine you had a mobile app that allowed you, within seconds, to raise an alert. Everyone watching that area will receive this alert and will be able to confirm it. Check out How To BlockWatch.



With BlockWatch, our goal is to protect families no matter where they live by either taking cover away from an active crime area or steering away altogether from potential crime scene.

With our family plan you can watch and get alerts from multiple locations such as your child’s daycare, high school, university, church, or your favorite mall you are planning to visit later in the day.

Meet the

BlockWatch Team


Justin Acklen

Founder & CEO

Crime and Security SME
Sales Leader


Erick Spencer

Director of Technology

Mobile App Engineering
Development Process Expert


Jackson Wright

Marketing Consultant

SMB Marketing Strategist
Integrating Marketing SME


Norman Jarvis

Chief Technology Officer

Enterprise Mobile App SME
Mobile App Architect


Todd Allred

Director of Data & Analytics

KLAS Enterprises SME
Criminal Data Expert


Akbar Jaffer

VP Marketing

Startup Growth Strategy
Commercialization & Scale